How Big is the Cyberspace?

It is thought the cyberspace is vast, but indeed not vast very much.
For the shops or companies in the real world (on the real estate), their geographical conditions or the size of the shops and companies are very important. But in cyberspace the rank of the computer search (search engine) is so important that the only tip of the iceberg is searched and the most remains submerged.
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We could say that the cyberspace is vertically vast not so much as horizontally vast.

Large number of information unsearched in cyberspace, a vast number of stock-photography in Japan and abroad also remain unwatched in the saturation of contributors in the world.

If so many photos that might have possibility to be sold sink into the bottom of the archive for some reasons for example because they are not newest or they are not exclusive, it will cause loss of opportunity to make money for agencies and contributors.

Even one hundred million photos an agency might have, each buyer searches and watches photos they want through a small window of iPhone or at best 24inch display of their PC.

We can’t search and watch thousands of stock-photography at once. Until now, there is technically no way to show all archives evenly and it is also difficult for human eye’s function to look over those huge number of photos in seconds.

The development of the AI may bring us the era soon when PC automatically selects decent photos from the ocean of unwatched collection of photos.

But more essentially, while the archives of stock-photography agencies in the world become more and more similar, it would be more important for both agencies and contributors to make stock-photography creative and original, though it is not easy at all.

For many contributors (including me) and small agencies also who are striving for breaking the surface, making products (photos/archives) full of originality as possible as they can, would be more helpful than the mass reproduction of conventional products to let them and their products known in the world (as recently Japanese musician, Pikotaro has proved). Fortunately, the information flows so quickly in the cyberspace.

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